Why is it necessary to visit the home for the realization of the budget ???
To perform competitively a budget according to your move its necessary to visit the home for our technical review, accessibilities to your home (access to your street, property type, balconies, windows, age and volume of your belongings, etc ... .) No two removals equal.

How does the dismantling and packing of my furniture and belongings?
Although you have the opportunity to pack your belongings is better that we do ourselves. Firstly, because we have tools for disassembly of furniture, boxes, blankets, bubbles, seals, and other supplies needed to pack your move properly, secondly because we are liable for any incident if any happens.

How do you handle my move when you download at home ?
Upon arrival at home station, you tell us what room we each of their belongings. This is possible because the load address of the packets is labeled conveniently.

Reassemble all the furniture except the kitchen. All packages remain sealed in their boxes except for those appliances that require delicacy for review after the move (glassware, porcelain, etc ...) to check that there is no impact. In this case we would blame.

Can y keep the packaging ?
You can keep the boxes we used for the move. If you do not need them. We spent to collect them at no cost or obligation.

Furniture storage
How long can be my furniture and belongings in storage?
There is no minimum or maximum stay of your belongings in our storage.

How do we charge the storage service ?
The Service is billed on a monthly basis in advance.

What cannot be put in storage?
You cannot store animals, plants, perishable products and flammable products such as bottled gas.

Do I have capacity for all my stuff?
We have personal containers of different volumes, in the event that will not fit in one container, we would make available as many were needed.

Vehicle Transport
What are the deadlines for pickup and delivery of my vehicle?
The collection and delivery times vary depending on origin, destination and route, so we recommend you contact us to tell the exact timing.

Do you transport damaged vehicles ?
Damaged cars are transported depending the type of fault. Contact us to tell. In parallel, we have a towing service for this purpose.

What kind of vehicles do you transport ?
With the trucks at our disposal, we transport currently cars, SUVs, vans and commercial vehicles up to 3500 kg.

Public Parking
Should I always do a reservation for the parking ?
It is recommended especially in summer periods, but not required.

What fees do you have?
The parking fee is charged per minute (0,013 €) and daily (5,00 €). We also have monthly bonuses.

How do I get to the airport from the parking ?
Once you have parked your vehicle, we will drive you to the airport in our courtesy bus. On arrival we you can call the number listed on the parking card and we will pick you up.

What Time Table do the parking have ?
The delivery schedule and collection of vehicles is from 6:00 to 24:00 every day of the year.

Towing Service
I am a Individual Customer. Can i request a towing service?
Absolutely. We work to both, businesses and individual customers.

Do you bring my car to the MOT (ITV) ?
We may collect your car wherever you tell us, take it to the Vehicle Inspection, be for the recognition of your vehicle and return the vehicle.

We can make this whole process or part of it (just take the car, just pick it up, etc ...)

Can i make reservation ?
Yes, you can make a reservation, calling the telephone number 958 45 51 41.

Do you do banquets for celebrations or business lunches?
Yes. We have several menus to choose for your celebration.

What is the Time Table ?
Opening Hours are from 7 o’clock in the morning until 12 o’clock in the evening every day.

Does exist a "official" paint of the brand ?
No. Furthermore, it is even possible that the grant does not have the same brand of paint they have in the factory. The colors are encoded as standard and workshops can reproduce them exactly as the manufacturer.

Do you offer replacement vehicle ?
In case you need it, we have replacement vehicles for you.

Is the collection and delivery of my vehicle, without any charge ?
We collect your vehicle and take it to you completely free.

How do you transport my vehicle ?
The transfer is done primarily by our towing service.

How are the storage conditions of my vehicle in your facility ?
Your vehicle will remain in our facility with all the security measures: secure car park by security company 24 hours a day, alarms, cameras, etc ...

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